Zach , California

Seven 4”
Amazing action, super lifelike. First cast with a swivel on a small bass jumped out of the rocks and nailed it. Later, took off the swivel and tied it directly on and a 20” northern pike hit it. Highly recommend.

Vince Rayola, Illinois

Strout 5.5”
First cast action on this!! Swims true and effortlessly. Use the bait everywhere and let everyone ask about it! Razor sharp hooks, beautiful color!

Zeth Kinnet, Washington

Armored Craw 4”
I have always been a fan of Biwaa ever sice they came to the US market but have stuck to using mostly their swim baits and have had amazing success with them. I recently bought some Armored Craws at a local shop and became hooked. Excellent bait for flipping, punching, jika rig, jig trailer, and so on. I’ve been catching them good on the nightcrawler color the past few days.

Damon D, Colorado

Ultra Hog 3”
I fish a catch and release pond that is highly pressured and the fish are known to be extremely finicky. I got these in my Lucky Tackle Box and went through my first bag like nothing. I was having days from 5 to 10 bass when i normally was happy to get two or three. I am a fan and love these, will always have a bag for sure.

Dan Wilder, Texas

Swimpike 9”
I have been fishing for Striped Bass for the last few months…. and have been killin em on the Northern color here in California…..thanks for the passion to fish, and to produce awesome baits.